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The World's Premier Halloween Event!

Added: Jul 26, 2018
Category: Theme Park News

JUST ANNOUNCED. Halloween Horror Nights 2018 --- Houses and Scare Zones!

Universal Orlando Resort’s Halloween Horror Nights 28, The Nation’s Premier Halloween Event, will bring your most terrifying nightmares to life beginning September 14 – November 3, 2018. Now in its 28th year, prepare yourself for the most terrifying year yet with TEN pulse-pounding haunted houses (the most ever!) and FIVE petrifying scare zones!

For those who dare enter, houses inspired from the greatest horror stories, each remarkably themed and detailed by Universal’s designers and special-effects wizards, come alive with the scariest names in fear. This year one of the biggest names in horror is making its inaugural debut; Netflix’s Stranger Things, sure to chill even the bravest souls.

Nightmares rule the darkness in streets transformed into sinister scare zones thriving with frightening and grotesque creatures lurking around every corner. Hordes of horrifying mutants, monsters, and maniacs won’t stop until they’ve had their sweet revenge.

This year’s horror fest dates:
Sept. 14-16, 20-23, 28-30
Oct. 3-7, 10-14, 17-21, 24-28, 31
Nov. 1-3

Although there are shows, scare zones, and plenty of terrifying activities as part of Halloween Horror Nights, the haunted houses are the primary attractions for the event.

Houses already announced, with more likely coming over the next few months, include;

Stranger Things
Inspired by the first season of Netflix’s STRANGER THINGS, this house will take you step by step through all eight episodes.  Along the way, you’ll discover a secret government lab where vile human experiments have opened the gates of chaos.  As you try to escape these nightmares, The Demogorgon is moving closer and closer…
Slaughter Sinema
Going all-out 80’s theme, you’ll enter a local drive-in, where you don't just catch a movie; the movie catches you. Fear flickers on the screen with blood thirsty movies while you face off against alien cannibals, swamp yetis, werewolf bikers, and deadly barbers. When the credits roll, heads roll.
Dead Exposure: Patient Zero
The ultimate pandemic has infected the earth with a deadly biological outbreak turning humanity into a plague of vicious, swarming zombies. In a flash – you’re plunged into total darkness – but zombies can still see you. If you’re not already afraid of the dark, you will be.
When the credits roll, heads roll.
Trick 'r Treat
Based on the 2009 move “Trick ‘r Treat” this head-turning and camera-friendly scare zone from last year, will plummet you into each of the movie’s various storylines.  The revengeful trick-or-treater, Sam, waits for you to break the rules with his beloved Halloween surprises:
razor lollipops and sweet  revenge.  Play by the rules or pay the ultimate price!

Plan your ultimate Orlando Halloween escape! It’s going to be the most terrifying year ever and (not so scary) it's located only a few short minutes from your Elite Vacation Home!

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You've never had a holiday like this!

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